Unparralled Chats Ft. Abby @ My Introverted Life

Hi, guys!
I took a small break over the holidays from posting chats, but never fear, they’re back! I have LOTS more interviews for you to read so hang tight!
This Monday’s interviewee is Abby! She’s a lifestyle blogger and introvert ♡
(Abby’s answers are in black, mine are grey)

1. Can you make an acronym out of your first name?

Amazing, Beautiful, Bloggers, Youthful… I don’t know haha.

2. What’s the first word you see? _AKE

Cake. I’m very hungry right now.

3. Claim to fame?

Viral video sensation for something stupid & end up getting myself on the Ellen show 😂.

4. What color matches your thoughts?

Whoa….. *looks around nervously*

5. If you could jump in a pool full of something what would it be?

Foam like at the trampoline parks.

6. What’s the fun-est thing you never want to do again?

The fun-est thing I never want to do again is go on a rollercoaster. That’s too much for me.

7. What dreams do you want to come true?

Becoming a famous social media influencer.

8. What do you want to do that you’ve never done?

Null (her answer to this question was not published for certain reasons)

9. How’d you come up with your blog name?

I’m very introverted & I wanted to talk about my life experiences to help people so there’s my blog name: MyIntrovertedLife.

10. Do you share your blog with family and friends?

I share all my blogs on my Facebook & twitter so my friends & family can read them. I’m very public about my blog.

11. What inspires your posts?

My posts are inspired by what happens in my life to make me a better person & to help others get through tough times.

12. If you could, would you turn your blog into a business? Have you?

I would love to turn my blog into a business, but I’m not technology advanced enough to learn to do that yet.

13. Do you write humorous and serious post on your blog?

I write many different types of posts ranging from serious to humorous, to all sorts of different emotions.

14. How long can you say “ahhh”?

I don’t have a voice at the moment so I can’t do that 😭.

15. Pick up the book closest to you. Go to chapter 5, 4th sentence, 3 word in that line? Now put Giggling in front of it.

Giggling seem.

16. Think about writing a letter to an individual Welches Fruit snack (not the company)… how would you open up?

You taste good.

17. Favorite color?


18. Favorite blogging quote?

You miss 100% of the blogs you don’t write.
Heh… I’ve heard that one…

19. Advice for new bloggers?

Keep pushing through all the hard times. This may seem hard now, but if you keep up the great work, you’ll go super far. Don’t give up. You’re awesome.

20. Finally, one question you’d like to ask me?

How are you so cool? Your blog is amazing!
Aww… thanks!! *blush*
How did you like this chat? Have we done an interview?

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