Unparalleled Chats Ft. Courtney @ The Curly Anomaly 

Hi guys!
I’ve had the opportunity to interview the lovely Courtney! I laughed probably the whole time- she was definitely a blast! Please be sure to check her out!
Courtney’s answers are black, mine are grey.

1. Can you make an acronym out of your first name

Cant Overdue Uniqueness Radiance Tenacity Nor Enriching Yourself

2. What’s the first word you see? _AKE

At first I just saw “_AKE” – then I reread it and for some reason saw Bake?.. 0.o Is that weird?
Hehe… someday I’ll reveal what word I was thinking of.

3. Claim to fame?

Writing a kick-butt best selling book &/or just being a kick-butt lifestyle/style blogger

4. What color matches your thoughts?

Right now? Purple.

5. If you could jump in a pool full of something what would it be?

Those little plastic balls! The ones they let you jump into when you’re a kid lol.
Right? lol!

6. What’s the fun-est thing you never want to do again?

hm… that’s a hard one… I could live without riding any more roller coasters. Love the memories, not so much the rides!

7. What dreams do you want to come true?

I really want to travel to Paris with 5 star everything (transportation, hotels, eateries, etc.) the way there, while there, and the way back!

8. What do you want to do that you’ve never done?

Honestly, travel by train! I’ve always thought that would be so neat to do

9. How’d you come up with your blog name?

Two major reasons: 1) I have curly hair! 2) I wanted to highlight that it’s okay to be different & to embrace that with the “anomaly” half.

10. Do you share your blog with family and friends?

I do! 😊
Same here

11. What inspires your posts?

Things that I am going through in my life and I even pull inspiration from things that I read, watch via YouTube, or podcasts I listen to!

12. If you could, would you turn your blog into a business? Have you?

I would. I actually sell blog headers, media kits, youtube channel headers, and thumbnails right now. I hope to run another business project on my blog in the near future… just still in the process of getting it all straightened out!

13. Do you write humorous and serious post on your blog?

Definitely more serious posts lol, I love to laugh but I wouldn’t say comedy is my specialty haha

14. How long can you say “ahhh”?

Probably about 10 seconds!

15. Pick up the book closest to you. Go to chapter 5, 4th  sentence, 3 word in that line? Now put Giggling in front of it.

Giggling we!

16. Think about writing a letter to an individual Welches Fruit snack (not the company)… how would you open up?

Dear fake fruit pouch,

17. Favorite color?


18. Favorite blogging quote?

Every blogger has their own journey; don’t compare!

19. Advice for new bloggers?

hm… I’d say definitely make sure you love your blog and its content. Not the idea of making money from it!

20. Finally, one question you’d like to ask me?

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you thus far?
Um…….. probably starting this blog.

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