Unparalleled Chats Ft. Bekah @ Questionable Tortoise Couture

Hey, guys!
Welcome back, today’s chat is with Bekah!
(Bekah’s answers are black, mine are grey)

1. Can you make an acronym out of your first name?

Brave, Excited, Knowledgeable, Awesome, Honest

2. What’s the first word you see? _AKE

LAKE. I’m ready to go swimming. COME FASTER SUMMER

3. Claim to fame?

Well-known YouTuber who gets a job offering from Saturday Night Live.

4. What color matches your thoughts?

Yellow! My thoughts are mostly sunny and happy.

5. If you could jump in a pool full of something what would it be?

CHOCOLATE! That’d be amazing.

6. What’s the fun-est thing you never want to do again?

Go on “Flight Of Passage” in Disney World. It’s a virtual reality ride in Animal Kingdom.

7. What dreams do you want to come true?

My dream of being a dancer in The Atlanta Ballet.

8. What do you want to do that you’ve never done?

Learn to drive! Not old enough, but I still want to!

9. How’d you come up with your blog name?

That’s a very funny story.
I had I dream that I went to a store called Questionable Tortoise Couture, then the next day someone told me I should start a blog.

10. Do you share your blog with family and friends?

Totally! I consider my parents chief editors. 😀

11. What inspires your posts?

Mainly things that I’ve experienced. Anything else is just stuff that comes to me in the middle of the night. XD

12. If you could, would you turn your blog into a business? Have you?

Definitely! I would absolutely love to turn my blog into a business. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that someday.

13. Do you write humorous and serious post on your blog?

Yes… very serious… JK! I’m all about humor. XD

14. How long can you say “ahhh”?

Hold on… 53 seconds!

15. Pick up the book closest to you. Go to chapter 5, 4th sentence, 3 word in that line? Now put Giggling in front of it.

Giggling frogs LOL

16. Think about writing a letter to an individual Welches Fruit snack (not the company)… how would you open up?

Dear Mr. Fruit Snack, you taste nothing like fruit to me

17. Favorite color?

At the moment, my favorite color is yellow. It’ll probably be different tomorrow. XD

18. Favorite blogging quote?

“If you want to be original, get ready to be copied” 

19. Advice for new bloggers?

My number one piece of advice is to not let anyone tell you how often you need to post. It’s not their blog. 

20. Finally, one question you’d like to ask me?

Do you like pineapple on your pizza?
I’ve never tried it, haha!
Did you enjoy reading this? Have we chatted before?

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