Unparalleled Chats Ft. Amie @ Crazy A Blog

Hey, guys!
Welcome back! How was your weekend? Today’s interview is with Amie!
(Amie’s answers are black, mine are grey).

1. Can you make an acronym out of your first name

Amazingly Magnificent Imaginative Elephant? No, Elegant. Okay, Amazingly Magnificently Imaginatively, Elegant.

2. What’s the first word you see? _AKE


3. Claim to fame?

What? I’m not famous in the least. 

4. What color matches your thoughts?

Yellow or blue. Well, some people think blue means sad but it really means calm. My thoughts are happy and calm.

5. If you could jump in a pool full of something what would it be?

Water. I love water! 

6. What’s the fun-est thing you never want to do again?

Never want to do again? What? Okay, um, probably prank a certain person. It was fun but he’s expecting it. 

7. What dreams do you want to come true? 

What dreams? That’s hard. I’m guess I’d love to have a horse farm, be an actress in a movie, or have a book published. 

8. What do you want to do that you’ve never done?

I’ve never tried to ride a cow. I really want to ride a cow. 

9. How’d you come up with your blog name?

Oh, that was simple. Everyone tells me I’m crazy. So, I put that into good use and used the best letter in the alphabet. A! It’s one of the few letters that actually spells alphabet. 

10. Do you share your blog with family and friends?

Does this mean do I let them blog on my blog? No, I don’t. But if it means do I let them read it, yes. They’re my best support.

11. What inspires your posts?

A lot of different things inspire my posts. Usually they just come to me. My brain is way to busy with stuff like that. 

12. If you could, would you turn your blog into a business? Have you?

I think I would turn it into a business. No, I haven’t yet. You have to have stock and I’m working on that ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

13. Do you write humorous and serious post on your blog?

Yes, but they’re mostly humorous. I’ve only posted two serious posts. 

14. How long can you say “ahhh”?

12.55 seconds. 

15. Pick up the book closest to you. Go to chapter 5, 4th  sentence, 3 word in that line? Now put Giggling in front of it.

Well, the words been but what’s a giggling? 
You been giggling?

16. Think about writing a letter to an individual Welches Fruit snack (not the company)… how would you open up?

Hey, sup? I don’t know. 

17. Favorite color?

Tiffany blue.

18. Favorite blogging quote?

Blog what you know will make you laugh. 
Oo goody, I’m on the right path. I laugh at myself every time I blog like ‘I don’t know what the heck I’m doing but it looks good…’

19. Advice for new bloggers?

Just remember, people prefer laughter. Not, serious talk. 

20. Finally, one question you’d like to ask me?

What made you decide these questions?
Well, I wanted to create a way for bloggers and the audiences to get to know each other in a lighthearted manner, but ya know, my blog theme is all about “uniqueness” so yeah, that’s what made me decide.

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  1. Lovely ๐Ÿ˜€ !! I guess you still havenโ€™t gotten mine? Maybe you could just resend the questions and Iโ€™ll re answer them?! Whatever tickles your fancy ๐Ÿ˜Š

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