Things For Teens To Do This Summer

Hey guys!
It’s spring, flowers have started blooming, the weather’s gotten warmer and most excitedly, school is soon to let out for summer break/holiday.
However, as the summer comes closer, boredom waits to pounce. Somewhere between the last days of school and first days of the next term, boredness greets us all. So I have decided to share some ways you can have fun and keep busy (and hopefully out of trouble)!

Start A Blog

Most people think their lives aren’t interesting enough for sharing and others think their experiences, no one wants to hear about.
Honestly starting out and sometimes even now I feel the exact same way. But truth be told, no one has your exact same viewpoint, ideas, or opinions in life so what you have to say IS worth sharing, trust me.


I’m using wordpress, I have explored Wix and briefly thought about switching but at the end of the day, I’ve decided to stick with WordPress. Maybe because I’m loyal to them or just because I’m too comfy to shake the world of my blog up and start over. Either way, you’re free to choose and I defiantly like both platforms for starting a free blog. (Bluehost is a good place to start if you’re willing to spend a little money.)
To be more specific though, If you’re looking for a relatively easy set up then you want to check out WordPress, if you would rather do things a tad bit more manually then check out Wix. While I’m aware that there are other platforms, I’ve only heard of them but I’m not personally familiar with them and don’t want to give you an unfair opinion.
Here are some awesome teen blogs in each category I recommend you check out:


A Barefoot Gal
Reflections Of The Heart


Everything Eden


Taiya Maddison


Flourishing by Restful Falls
A Farm Girl’s Life

Sell Crafts

Do you have a certain craft you enjoy making/doing? Well, this summer it could make you money! You don’t have to do anything fancy and I hear etsy is a good place to start.

Offer A Service

Whether it’s babysitting, cutting grass or painting street numbers, you can offer your services this summer. Help someone else out, you know? And make money, best of both world I’ll say!
If you’re something like me and have to get put of the house, this is a really good option. Charge a reasonable price and I don’t see what could go wrong…. oh! Pick a safe area to advertise. There, now nothing could go wrong…. oh! Try to get a friend to team up with you. I’m certain nothing could go wrong now… oh! Don’t forget to be awesome!
A friend of mine did a really neat series on babysitting if you’re thinking about that. Check out her posts, Babysitting 101: Preparing To BabysitBabysitting 101: Your Essential Babysitting KitBabysitting 101: Dealing with Kids and Impressing Parents, and Babysitting 101: The Ultimate Fun Guide.


Artist? Same here! Or maybe you just consider yourself a “doodler”. If you’ll allow me, I challenge you to choose a wall in your bedroom and cover it in your art. Every inch. Then, when you’re done name it your Art Gallery and, if you’d like, take a picture and tag my Instagram (@4everbuttercup) so I can see it!


Do it yourself activities are a good way to fight boredom. Here is my Pinterest board “Teen Diy” you can get few ideas from! 

Pick Up A Hobby

Kinda along the same line as everything else… is there anything that interest you, but you weren’t sure where you could fit it in your schedule? Aloha, you’re bored, plenty of time to learn it now!
Picking up baking, sweing, a sport, learning an instrument or foreign language is really good place to start for ideas.

Become A Youtuber

I’m Youtuber, and similar to blogging, you have a story, claim to fame, uniqueness that the world has yet to discover! There are tons of topics and again, Pinterest is a good place to start.
If you make it big, remember me (it’s a popular cliche, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity…). But seriously, have fun and I’ll be cheering you on *smiles sheepishly*


For all my book lovers. Set a goal and challenge yourself to read that many books, in a week/month/this summer!
Or if you’ve yet to discover the thrill of reading, find the novelized version of your favorite movies and read that. I promise it’s a blast! It’s like the behind the scenes and you get the actually hear the characters thoughts and seasonings.

Get a job

If self employment isn’t really your thing then get a local job. This is a classic option for the summer but it’s a very good one! Most places start hiring at 15/16 and some places hire at 14. Definitely talk it over with your parents but there’s another idea!
And there you have 9 ideas of things you can do this summer! Honestly the sky’s the limit so be creative and have fun! 
Are you ready for summer? Do you plan to travel anywhere or go to summer camp? Let me know!

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  1. Love Taiya’s blog 💕
    These are all really good ideas. I think I am going to be browsing Pinterest a lot this summer because I may be updating my room 🙌🏾. Also, I am writing a novel 📝 this summer too, so I’ll be real busy!

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