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Hey guys!

My last post (and first in the studio category) was so much fun I started brainstorming more artsy things to blog about.

Honestly, being the art-loving, creative person I am it’s no surprise that I took to graphic design. However, it took me a while to get the hang of composition! (Arranging the photo and text on top…)

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Like anything, practice is key. Which is also why I wanted to share with you all some of the tips that I have picked up along the way (so that you’ll have an easier time).


I’ve mentioned branding before when I wrote on turning your Pinterest account into an extension of your blog, and I must say it again: your brand is everything.

Now, when I say “brand” I don’t mean like a company or clothing line, I’m talking colors and fonts. What are your blog’s colors? What fonts do you use in your blog header? Your signoff?

If you haven’t put much thought into what you’ve chosen for your blog, now is the time.

Posting consistently is always a goal of mine. But recently I felt that it was most important to take an unannounced, not-really-but-turned-out-to-be, hiatus and focus on making my blog look more professional.

Which meant choosing fonts and colors… Originally my blog color scheme consisted of only one intentional color (pink; that decision came naturally). I just threw in black and white (or more of like black and white inserted themselves and that’s how I rolled).

Until I realized the unplanned color scheme took away from the professionalism and quality of my blog.

So what am I saying? Think about this: what is the main color you use for your blog? If you only intentionally use one color then make that your primary color. Then discover what other colors compliment that color. (By discover I mean Pinterest or Google– that’s what I did)…

Here are a few color palettes I love (discovered on Pinterest, of course).

Get Inspired

This involves a little research. Take a look around at “successful bloggers” and their pins. What do they look like? What kinds of things are they pinning?

My favorite style is adding a lighter color block below or partially behind my text. Like this:

Isn’t it cool? If you’ll notice I also used this style in my blog’s header. I’m honestly so obsessed with it but I won’t go off on that tangent right now.

Next, when you go searching for ‘pin-spiration’ you’ll probably notice after a while that many bloggers have multiple graphics for one post.

It’s literally genius, here’s why: One pin may not circulate or catch every single person’s eye and make them say “yes! I’ll read that!” But using different graphics and styles gives you a fair chance of interesting most people in your content. Usually what I try to do is create one or two “read this post” pins (as I call them), then I take a quote either from my post or that summarizes the post and make it into a super cute graphic. In my post Need More Time? Read This To Eliminate Distractions I used a summarizing quote, “slow down, enjoy right now”.

In the blog post How to Create a Wallpaper in Canva I took the wallpaper from the tutorial and posted it to Pinterest. In 6 hours it got over 14k impressions, 40+ saves and lots of link clicks (and it’s still doing fairly well)!

They performed better than the “read me” pin and I have found that pins like these typically do work better for me. I wouldn’t recommend not creating the “read me” pins but definitely play around with making fun pins too (like the ones I mentioned above)!

Own It

Once you’ve found pins that inspire you, it’s time to put your own unique touch to it. Copying exactly what you see robs those viewing your work of the uniqueness that only you can bring. Just like your blog is an expression of you, your graphics are too!

A few ways to customize the styles you recreate is:

  • Fonts (add your own fonts!)
  • Colors (use your color scheme to make your pins)
  • Quote your post (quote your favorite line from your blog post)
  • Variations: Vary up the style you’re imitating. It could literally be as simple as instead of doing the underline, you put the line on top of the word! Or instead of highlighting the bottom of the word, you put the highlight towards the top half or right in the middle of it.

The possibilities are always endless, so at the end of the day, create something you’re proud of and that you can confidently call your own.

Making sure that your blog is reflected in the designing of your pins is key (colors), which is why mapping your blog out is important.

If you haven’t put much thought into the overall color scheme and professionalism of your blog now is the time because believe it or not– it is the major secret to creating cute, adorable, lovable, viral-worthy, awe-inspiring, (insert your adjectives) pins!

Do you use Pinterest for your blog? Do you enjoy creating your own pins? What is your favorite color(s)?

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