Story Time | "The 10 Minute Breakfast"

Hey guys!
Typically mom’s share the Mother’s day stories. The cute ones (hence, when we were younger), the funny ones, the most surprising ones and so forth. 
And though we don’t usually share them, we kids have mother’s day stories as well. Plus, as everyone knows siblings equal “interesting” stories and the more the better *heh heh*– so as one of six, I definitely have quite a few mother’s day stories but I thought I’d share my favorite with you all!

*Clears throat* Once upon a time– back in 2011 there were only four of us kids and amongst them was an 8 year old me… 
Mother’s day that year was rather bright and sunny and so my older brother (who was 11 at the time) got the bright idea to make Momma breakfast in bed. Of course me and my other brother (who was 5) thought that was a grand idea and my sleepy 2 year old sister followed along.
We raided the pantry and refrigerator for breakfast items and found sausage, grits and eggs… Perfect right? The only slight flaw in our plan was that A) We didn’t know how to cook and B) We thought the microwave, oven and stovetop were one (hence the “we didn’t know how to cook part”).
My older brother read the back of the grits and found out we could put water in the microwave then just pour the grits in once the water was hot and viola instant grits!
I was put in charge of the grits because it was fairly easy and since my mom had shown my brother how to make eggs once he made the eggs and my youngest brother and sister? They found a bin lid (a.k.a a tray) right away because this breakfast was only going to take about 10 minutes…
We only ran into one problem (that we chose to recognize anyway) when it came time to make the sausage. Being the smart people we were, we didn’t want to burn the house down by cooking sausage on the stove (as if we hadn’t just made eggs on the stove) so we put the sausage in the microwave. I know, it was genius.
Once the soft, greasy, microwaved sausage came out we put it on a plate along with the cold, lumpy grits and partially done eggs. Then it struck us that we didn’t have anything for mom to drink. Just the day before we were watching the food channel and they said that “putting sugar around the rim of the glass would add the perfect sweet touch to a mother’s day breakfast” so we grabbed a glass, wet the rim, poured half a bag of sugar on a plate and stuck the glass in it. Then we grabbed orange juice and poured it in the glass, set the glass on the tray and set off to Mom’s room to wake her up.
She surveyed the tray and smiled politely. She kissed our foreheads and thanked us for the breakfast then dad announced that we were leaving for IHOP soon and off we went to get dressed without thinking much more about our 10 minute Mother’s day breakfast.
To this day I still don’t know how my mom managed to get rid of it without us knowing….. (Shout out to my mom for your strength, I know you had to be cringing on the inside!)
That was quite fun to retell I’m interested to hear some of your memories!
Tell me one of your favorite Mother’s day stories in the comments, I really wanna hear it!!

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  1. HA HA that was great, Buttercup! So sweet, but so funny! XD I don’t know if I have a funny Mother’s Day story… hmm. Oh well. 😛

  2. Haha! That is so great, Buttercup!!! Thanks for the story, that is hilarious!!! Great story! I really enjoyed it! I wish I could have seen all of that in real life!

  3. Reminds me off the story of my 5 minute break which turned into a one hour cleanup.
    Toaster caught fire, egg exploded in microwave, and butter slid on the floor. Then I dropped the whole finished product onto the floor. XD
    Great read!

  4. Haha, that was so sweet! ❤ I don’t have any stories, sadly, but there was that one time I was abroad visiting my little cousin on Mother’s Day. So I set up a little treasure hunt for him in which he’d look for all the supplies we’d need to make cards, and at the end, we sat and made some for our moms. I was so proud of it, and she was so glad to receive it over mail!

  5. Haha! It was the thought that counted, right?! You’re Mumma seems really sweet too. I loved reading this post and would definitely be interested in more story time posts from you too. Many Blessings, Grace. ❤

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