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If you’re interested, you can find out more about me and why I started this blog, here: About Me + Behind The Blog also check out the Disclaimer.

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If you are a company/business/blogger and would be interested in working with me, here’s my Media Kit and Contact form.
I’m willing to accept and create advertisements, guests posts and most anything else!


Blogging Community

I wholeheartedly believe in supporting other bloggers, therefore I have created a fun chat/interview just for you! If you’re a new blogger definitely consider signing up as its a free way to expose your blog to more readers (and have fun, if I must say)!
Unparalleled Chats is the name of the interview session. By clicking on the link you can access the sign up!

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Typically Untypical Teen is not my only space on the web. You can also find over at the Cinnamon Glitter Studio on YouTube!
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