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Hey guys! 
Today I’m going to be discussing Instagram and it’s benefits and hazards.
If you don’t have Instagram yet, it’s likely because your parents don’t know if they want you to have it yet (same with any platform) so if you read this, and like it for any reason then definitely ask your parents to read it!
DISCLAIMER all my opinions are honest but they are not bias. I’m objectively pointing out what I’ve noticed!


If you’re a blogger like me, then obviously Instagram would be a really good place to advertise for your blog and grow your blog’s following. It’s beneficial for sharing your hard work and connecting with your audience on a more personal level.
However if you are not a blogger don’t fret, there are some other good aspects of the platform for you.
IG is all about pictures and creating your personal aesthetic, so objectively speaking, Instagram is a really good place to be creative and express yourself. 
For me it’s an exciting challenge to take pictures of completely different things then try to edit it in a way where it fits my “theme” or the overall aesthetic of my page.
IG is also really good for finding fun “how to” videos. Crafts, DIY, hair videos, whatever– Personally the 60 second clips are really cool.
In short, I would say that the pros are stacked if you’re a blogger, like gaining exposure, promoting your blog, making blogger friends etc., but for a non-blogger– besides having another way to connect with existing friends, I’d say the only real pro is the fact that Instagram allows you to challenge your artistic side and discribe yourself visually.


For bloggers and non-bloggers the cons are all the same because we are still talking about social media and a platform where anyone can be on there. Yes, IG does have guidelines, but let’s be real, there’s millions of users on Instagram and they cannot possibly catch every single person going against their rules right away, therefore we still have the “crazies” and chances that some one will try to talk to you… that is not kosher (a.k.a sane or honest and up right).
So a con is that even though you can set your account private, you are not completely safe from encountering the bad…
However, I’d say one of the biggest cons of all– even bigger than people you don’t know contacting you is the way Instagram and the users portray their lives. I’m not saying everyone is making their lives appear glossier then they actually are or making their lives seemingly perfect on purpose but IG does seem to have that problem more than all the other platforms.
Subconsciously being on Instagram if you’re not a “major influencer”, at sometime or another will start to make you feel the “why can’t I live like that?” Whether it’s brief or a deep sad feeling, you’ll feel it and you’ll have to remember that your life is enough just the way it is.
All in all, like everything else, the pros and cons aren’t the most important things. Being on Instagram and determining if it’s good or bad for you really depends on you and how responsible you are as a person. Having Instagram (or any other social media) is like driving. Anyone can be on the road and you can’t control that, but you can control what you do. And should you have an “accident” or incident, tell your parents, just like if you had an accident while driving. The best drivers are defensive drivers– which means they’re alert and when they see potential danger they steer away from it. Be a defensive Instagrammer *heh* and stay clear of inappropriate activity or chats! 
I hope this has helped you whether you’re a parent or teen reading this! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think in the comments!
Do you have Instagram yet? If so what are some things you like and don’t like about it? Was this article helpful to you?

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  1. I’d love to have Instagram because I love taking pictures of everything from nature and books, to sightings of mystical creatures, but the biggest problem with Instagram is the other people on there. If only it was my own private app that nobody else had access but since that’s not the case *sigh* I’ll have to live without it. Sometimes the most dangerous thing to people is other people. Just as intelligent, just as skilled… just as able to post inappropriate things… sadly. XP

    1. I agree with you 100%! The same aspect that makes social media fun, makes it dangerous. The people– not that there aren’t a lot of fun wholesome honest people on there, but it only takes one person who has an ulterior motive to ruin a life…. it’s sad… 😔

      1. Yes, there are so many people I’d love to follow!! Such as fictional characters that don’t exist… but anyway! It certainly is sad. *frowns in disappointment*

  2. I have two instagram accounts. One is personal and the second is for promoting my blog, though I use both of them to advertise for my blog tbh lol. However, I don’t find it that helpful , sometimes you get lost in the dark side of social media and it even can cause you mental illness. But as you said we should be defensive drivers 😉 great post btw ^^

    1. You’re right! Like you said, its not worth it in the grand scheme of things. I’d definitely say one should be at least 14/15 on up if they’re gonna be up there. It doesn’t make Instagram or the other platforms less dangerous but it’s likelier that the person will steer clear of inappropriate activity the older they are because they can see it coming from further away 😂 Thank you for having a read!! 💕💕

  3. I don’t have any social media at all or my own smartphone but I want to get IG for my blog and personal. I think my parents would like to protect me until I’m more mature and all.

    1. Definitely! I say if they let you get it, be safe and remember not to lose people skills! I believe it applies to everyone and I definitely have to remind myself to not lose touch with real life people because it’s so easy and you rarely notice it until it gets bad…. but yeah, have fun too!! 😄😄💕

  4. I don’t have Instagram. 😛 I asked my parents about it the other day (because I wanted to try to get Cait’s annotated book for A Thousand Perfect Notes) but they don’t think I’m old enough. Oh well. I don’t have a phone/ipod yet anyway. (Not allowed one till I can pay the bills for it)

    1. Yeah, I totally get you! I say it’s definitely not something that’s a must and there’s plenty of things to do without it. It’s fun but that’s all 😂

  5. Talk about a coincidence. Just last night, before I’d even read this, I asked my Dad if I could get an account. And I just came here after creating one. 😛
    Although I’m not really planning to post anything, or follow peeps I don’t know. Its more to keep in contact with all my friends from all over the world, since lots of people nowadays don’t like Penpalling to keep in touch. 😉
    Good post!

    1. Oh wooooow 😂😂 That’s really interesting, what a coincidence! I say that’s a good idea, I mean as long as you don’t post pictures of your face I say you’re better off! I don’t really have much of a problem because I don’t have any photos showing my face… but it’s up to you and that sounds super cool!!! What’s your handle if you don’t mind me following you?
      Thank you so much!! 😄

  6. I absolutely love having Instagram as a source for inspiration, though as long as you keep in mind that people portray everything from the best angle. And that it’s not always like that in real life😄 since the post is about instagram (a great one btw) I guess I can share my profiles, haha , @ingriduhre and @skatteredsite

    1. Totally!! I agree and thank you so much 😆 Haha, yeah, definitely feel free to share your handles! I’m off to go follow you 😂 And my handle is 4everbuttercup so if you see it in your notifications that’s me 😂😂

  7. I want Instagram so badly. I’ve stopped asking for it, but I might start asking again once I’ve finished my novel…so my parents have a reason to give it to me. That is, to promote my novel.

  8. I do have instagram (of course) and I love it so much! One it gets me out there and two I ca meet so many wonderful people!
    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  9. I agree with all the cons! You’ve mentioned so many great points. I have a personal and blog account on Instagram and even if they are seperate, people still found it😂 Also agree with all the pros too. Do love making my blog feed represent me xx

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