My Top 10 Instagram Accounts: March 2018

Hey guys!
I’m posting a bit early today, as I’m celebrating my dad’s birthday (which is really exciting) so I’ll be out and about all day!

My 5 Fave Instagram Accounts (in no specific order)

1. Katie (from Katie’s day)

I feel dreamy looking at her feed… the blush and nude and the pink! Ooo lala!!

2. Natalie Park

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how my girl Natalie is slaying her theme??

3. Cute Mugs and Things

Your one-stop shop for adorable mugs and coasters! I love Cute Mugs and Things so much and here’s a link to heretsy shop!

4. Taiya Maddison

I LOVE the earth tones!! Her feed is sooo comfy, and cozy. I especially love the white/cream (it’s just my thing right now). I think what I love the most though, is how her feed seems year round…

5. Katie (from Katie May Co.)

I admire how she used completely different things and tied them together. Every picture doesn’t have all the colors but the overall fits. It’s really pretty!

6. Annie Chanie

Look at all of that rose gold! Annie’s theme has me gushing literally everytime I see it. (Maybe you remember Annie from the chat we had some time ago?)

7. Nabila

Ahh, my good friend and fellow Texan! I love how natural her theme is… 
Do you see the cacti in her first post? That’s authentic Texas cacti! (yes, we have lots of cacti here (in certain parts, anyway)).

8. Suzanne

This feed is just plain yummy…. Like everything looks good enough to eat *heart eyes*

9. Girl Boss: Teen Tribe

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned it before, (it would be sad if I haven’t…) but GBTT has an Instagram page! Check it out and if you’re on Instagram tag us for a feature!

10. Adalyn Noelle

Again, we have another bomb pinkish feed…(pink’s my fave color, could you guess?)
That wraps up my faves for this month! I’m a sucker for pretty colors so writing this post was extra fun and I especially enjoyed sharing these lovely ladies’ Insta accounts with you! Please be sure to check out their accounts and blogs (If they blog, their links will be in their instagram bio).
What’s your fave color? Do you know any of the instagrammers?

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  1. Woah. I’d love to get Instagram, but I hold back for the same reason I hold back for Pinterest – I’m scared that I’ll end up spending the rest of my life gazing at that beauty. XD

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