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This is a sponsored post but opinions are all my own.
Hey guys!
Welcome back! Today I have a treat for you, I’m going to introduce you to WEYV.

What is WEYV?

WEYV is an subscription based app that allows you to listen to music ad-free. It also allows you to read magazines. You don’t have to choose between reading and music anymore! WEYV let’s you do both simutaniously! (Soon you’ll be able to watch videos with WEYV too).
I’m always listening to music, whether I’m doing school work, writing, arting (is that a word?) or doing completely nothing. But I mostly listen to music when I’m thinking, (like in-depth, deep thinking. You know those really deep thoughts that are simple to other people? Okay, yeah…) I’ve found WEYV to be my bestfriend!
I can create playlists on WEYV and hear exactly what I want, but sometimes I get tired of listening to the same thing and want a little spontaneity, in that case, I adore the fact that WEYV let’s you create your own stations! I can choose a song I like, make it a station and then WEYV will play similar songs. 

WEYV let’s you download songs too! For all those time you’re offline (you know, when you hit a “rough patch” with your mobile data and your music starts jumping, skipping or cuts itself off… Or your parents change the wifi password).
WEYV is also very social, you can share playlist with friends, family and you can share your favorite songs and reads on social media.
As a person under the age of 18 you cannot create your own profile but your parents can do it for you! And not to fret, you still have a lot of freedoms.
When creating your profile, you (your parents/guardians) can select a plan that best fits you and your budget! Plus WEYV allows you to have up to 25 people under each subscription plan so you and your family are covered!
Another thing I like is that for every song you listen to on WEYV they make a charitable donation. Tell me what’s better, you’ve got a lit all-in-one app for listening to music, reading, soon-to-be watching videos and you’re participating in a charitable cause…
And, it gets even better! Go check out WEYV and use my code MAKEWEYVS18 (or, make sure to mention it to your parents!) for 2 months free, no credit card needed.
That’s a wrap!
Have you checked WEYV out yet? What are you waiting for?! And make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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