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Hey guys!
At the very end of May I discovered Wal-Mart has a beauty box…. So naturally I had to order it and see for myself if it was something to be shared.

I was shocked when I found it becasue the first thing I think about when I see Wal-Mart’s logo is not a subscription box. It turns out I wasn’t the only one who had never heard of such before, so I unboxed it on my YouTube channel which you can watch here:

In case you don’t have access to YouTube at the moment or you’d rather just keep reading, I’ve also decided to review the box on here!
For starters, the box ships seasonally– every three months you can expect a box, or to be more specific, you will get a box in March, June, September, and December.
I got the summer box, and the boxes ship at the beginning of the month. I ordered my box in the last week of May and got it within the first week of June. Also, the day you get the “your box has shipped” email, is the same day you can expect to get your box. Fun right?
2018-06-26 07985345302..jpg 2018-06-26 07478695600..jpg
The box itself is free. Yes FREE. I know right?? BUT before you get too excited, there is a solid $5 shipping fee– which really isn’t bad. $5 every three months/ $20 every year, receiving at least 24 products in all is something to be excited for, I’ll say…
If you decided to do the math up there then you figured I got 6 products in my box. I’m not sure if that’s standard for every season or if it fluctuates but I think it’s standard… Anyway, this season was kinda like hygiene/skin care themed if I can call it that.
Everything you get in the box is by brands that Wal-Mart carries and they’re all sample sized, but the samples are nice sizes in my opinion.
Getting down to the exact products I got:


2018-06-26 071317334825..jpg 2018-06-26 07-285735963..jpg
Whitening strips. I have always wondered if these things work or if the commercials are just exaggerating (like always), is it just me?? Anyway, I’m definitely trying this thing out and maybe I’ll write a post on my thoughts…

Hello Soothing Mint with Coconut oil Toothpaste

2018-06-26 07-2065346530..jpg 2018-06-26 07-1761662467..jpg
Can I just mention how cute the Hello brand is?? Kinda off topic, but I think they’re so cute. I’ve never had any products by Hello so it was pretty exciting to see it in the box.

SoftSoap Coconut & Fig Body Wash

2018-06-26 07-1183875650..jpg 2018-06-26 07-11303155..jpg
Usually when I see Softsoap it’s on the hand soap in my bathroom. Funny, but it wasn’t until I filmed the YouTube review that I realized this one was body wash *oops*…


2018-06-26 071261386964..jpg 2018-06-26 071864141776..jpg
Though I hadn’t heard about this particular Jergans product before receiving the box, I’m a huge fan of Jergans (and their original scent *heart eyes*) so I did try this out promptly (a review is in order)

Açaí Berry Revitalizing Sleeping Mask

First off, let me apologize for the quality of this photo. It’s not what I want it to be, but there was nothing I could do about it, sadly…. the package is a really shiny light pink and any light on it makes it glossy *sorry*.
Anyway, I mentioned in the video that I have never used a face mask before so I’m super excited to try this thing out. Like overly excited! Just so I can say I’ve done it before *heh heh*

Pantene Sheer Volume

2018-06-26 071637738306..jpg
This is probably the one product I received that I’ll readily admit I won’t really need. But I’m gonna use it anyway, because I’m never above more products to use and it’s free….
I think it goes without saying that I really liked the box and would highly recommend it! It’s very affordable and it contains some great stuff!
Have you ever gotten a Wal-Mart subscription box? Did you know they had one? Let me know!

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  1. Softsoap has some nice body washes and they are really cheap!! 🙂 What a great idea for Walmart to get on the box train and have their own! Thanks for sharing!

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