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Hey guys!
First off, I have BIG NEWS! This former homeschooler is becoming a private schooler *gasps*. I plan to write a post on my thoughts and feelings, but there goes the formal announcement (if that can be considered formal that is…).
But whether you’re homeschooled, private schooled or public schooled, the school year is fast approaching and being unprepared is havoc waiting to pounce, right? Yeah, okay, we all get that, so let me get to it. Here’s a new spin on ROPE *yeehaw*!


Summer is a fun and boring time of year and no matter which one you have more of, it’s really easy to forget things you learned last school year. Grant it, that’s why you recover certain things in the first weeks of school but it doesn’t hurt to get a head start.
I recommend Khan Academy for math and science. You’ve more than likely heard of it, but if you haven’t explored the whole site, and seen what its made of, then now is a great time…


Get a new planner! Planning is very critical. I see my planner as my handwritten guide for my school year. Now, I must come clean about the fact that I’m not much for keeping journals and following the plans I’ve laid out BUT I am trying to do better, because it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just…. Okay, see my post The Lazy Girl’s Aid For Planning Efficiently for a better explanation and more help!
Get a calendar for your bedroom or make one! Diy Calendars are a neat way to have fun while planning. Fun makes everything go down better, right? The purpose of your calendar is to have a stationery road map for your school year– Intended for your room.


If you’re starting something new this year, like e.g. computer programming you’ll want to prep for that. Not like study but just take some tips and get a hang of the basics. That way, when your teacher teaches them to you, you already know where they’re coming from and can follow along a lot better.
If you’re starting a sport for the first time, you can do two things. 1) If you’re not a fitness nut, or don’t really bother with any serious workouts on a regular basis (No shame, me neither), search Pinterest and find a workout for whatever muscles you’ll predominantly use and get them at least toned (don’t wait on your coach, trust me, it’ll be at least a little less painful this way).
2) If you are already ‘in perfect shape’ for your sport than look up the basics of what you’ll need to know and how your form needs to look when you’re playing then practice that. You can do this along with getting in shape too if you want, it can’t hurt at all (sorta). The more the better, whatever you can handle!


I think it’ll be fun to make this into an activity, so grab a piece of paper or an index card!
Okay, write down these three things:

  1. What stumped you last year? What was a concept that you had a hard time grasping? We all have them so it’s a good idea to identify yours!
  2. What did you excel in last year? What was easy breezy for you?
  3. What is something you learned but don’t know well? Something that you passed but you can’t break it down for someone else or give a definition if asked?

Alright, for that thing or those things that you didn’t understand, make it intentional to practice it along with your general review. Waiting until school is in full swing to get a trouble topic under your belt is a very bad decision. Trust me, been there, done that!
For the topics that came easy to you, make a point to help another classmate this year who doesn’t quite understand it. Maybe it’s their trouble topic and I think we can agree that having a peer take time to explain a concept to you helps you grasp it better sometimes. Not that the teacher didn’t do well explaining, but that a classmate explanation and interpretation of the topics is what we need (not while the teacher is talking though!)
Add the topic that you get but can’t explain in with your reviewing but also, try asking a friend to explain it to you. Sometimes, like we established before, you may not need a whole lesson on that topic, you may just need someone to explain it to you once more so that you can fully get it and so that the explanation can stick with you.
I hope this has helped! Make sure you take full advantage of this technology age, and use it for something productive! Also, remember R.O.P.E To Be Prepared!
How are you preparing for this year? Are you homeschooled, public schooled or private schooled? How did you like this post?

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  1. These are great tips!! I went to a public school and I actually wished I were home schooled (probably because l didn’t know much about it😊). Enjoy being at private school and makes lots and lots of cool friends πŸ’•

  2. Oh, wow! That must be a transition! Do you have mixed feelings about it? I wish you all the best and I will be praying for you! β€πŸ™πŸ˜Š

  3. Oh my goodness! I was homeschooled for a long time and just recently transitioned to public school! It’s pretty scary, but I know God has so many good plans for me!

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