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Hey guys!

Have you started school yet? I haven’t. I start on the 28th so my fam went Back-To-School shopping a few days ago. I am extremely happy with the things I got and I wanted to show you guys!

First, I had been wanting one of those really cute bookbags with the drawstrings for at least two or three school years and I finally got one!

No Boundaries Mint Stripe Cargo Backpack

I’m not sure why I didn’t get that cute pom pom thing on it though….? I feel some kind of way about it….. like jipped but anyhow, here’s my school supply list:

  • 2 pkgs. #2 Pencils
  • 2 pkgs. Blue & Black Pens
  • 2 Red Grading Pens
  • 4 Highlighters
  • 2 Large Pink Erasers
  • 1 12-inch Ruler
  • 1 Box of Colored Pencils
  • 2 pkgs. Graph Paper
  • 1 USB Memory Stick
  • 1 Graphing Calculator
  • 1 3-ring Binder
  • 1 pkg. 3 × 5 Index Cards
  • 5 College Ruled Spiral Notebooks (1 Subject Each)
  • 1 Small Protractor & Drawing Compass
  • 2 pkgs. College Ruled Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
  • 5 Book Covers
  • 6 Composition Notebooks
  • 9 × 12 Spiral Drawing Tablet

And here’s what I actually got!

U Style Get It Together 1.5 Inch 3-Ring Paper Binder
U Style Get It Together 1 Subject Notebook
Pen + Gear 25pk Pencil Topper Erasers
Pen + Gear Pink Eraser, 2pk
Papermate Write Bros 10 + Blue

 And I got these in black!

Graphing Calculator
Pen + Gear White Ruled 3 × 5 Index Cards 100 Pack
BIC Brite Assorted Liner Highlighters 6 ct
Pen + Gear 30 Wood Pencils 2 HB
Crayola Colored Pencils 24 Count
Fiskars 12-inch Wood Ruler
Pen + Gear 100 Sheets Quad Notebook 4×4

I assure you this is indeed a graph paper notebook even though you cannot see the other half of it. The fault is with Walmart alone and now I rest my case.

Oh, oh! I got a package of loose leaf graph paper but I couldn’t find the image…

Five Star 1 Subject Notebook

I cannot find the usb I got and I’m sure I’m just not looking long enough but we’ll move on for the sake of posting this today!

Fiskars Compass and Protractor Set
U Style Get It Together Composition Book

In addition to that one, I got four yellow college ruled and one heart patterned one. I like my things to match in whatever way possible.

Norcom College Ruled Filler Paper 500 sheets

Every time I searched for book covers I got an error message from To say I gave up after only two times would sound bad so I simply “moved on”….

Art1st Sketch Pad
Pilot Precise V5 Rt Rollerball Pen Extra Fine Pen Point

All in all, if you take away the extras and before adding the graphing calculator we probably spent about $40/$45 dollars on my supplies but I had a lot of stuff, and I don’t know if you can tell by counting the pictures but I had enough stuff to get my own cart and when I took my supplies to my locker last night (it was Warrior Night– same thing as open house but our mascot is a warrior) I had a bookbag full to the brim (I couldn’t close it) and I was carrying a walmart bag that I named “my beautiful Walmart bag that’s holding all the stuff I can’t fit in my bookbag” and I had an armload so, yeah, I’m definitely satisfied with what I got!

When’s your first day of school? When did you go supply shopping? What’s some things you got that really excited you? Maybe extras?

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