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Hey guys!

I announced in my post R.O.P.E + Start The School Year Off Prepared that I will no longer be a homeschooler and I promised I’d write a post on how I feel about that so here it is!

When I first learned that I would be going to a private school, was I apprehensive or initially scared? No. I was actually elated. Not that I don’t like homeschooling– I loved it but I was and still am for the most part excited. However, while my overall attitude towards going to private school is very positive, I have had some concerns and I still do!

Our schooling at home was kinda relaxed, and I loved it that way, to be honest. But while I learned a LOT I still have had my moments of worrying about if I’ll be on par with my classmates this year or not. I think I’m overthinking it a little but still, I wonder….

 I also wonder how I’ll prioritize so that I can get my homework done and all the other things I’m doing. As a homeschooler I got done with schooling around 12pm and my days were still jammed packed, so I’m not sure how I’ll adjust or fit everything in but I know it’s possible because I know quite a few bloggers who are doing it and kill’n it so I’m sure I’ll survive… Just gotta really put that planner to use!

I think that I’m not super super worried about going back to school, because of the fact that I’ve not been at home all my life. I was homeschooled for a total of 5 years. But I started school in private school from 2 to 4 years old. Then I went off to kindergarten and remained in public school until 3rd grade. I started 4th at home, and to be honest, another reason I’m excited about this change is because it is literally my ideal learning environment. 

I’m a very social person and I love people so not having anybody in my grade learning with me was tough sometimes. On the flip, I’m a kid who likes to learn therefore I hated having to try to learn around all my peers’ foolishness. The kids who didn’t want to learn at all frustrated me because I like to hear what I’m supposed to be doing, showed and then allowed to do it. However, when you’ve got kids cutting up there’s a whole lot of interruptions…. for some of you I may be preaching to the choir, but you get me??

The school I will be attending is small, about a hundred students, more or less, and it will allow me to learn with others my age but it cuts down on the non-sense– some. 

Last but not least, I’m a pretty athletic person though I’ve never done sports at school but now I plan to tryout for volleyball and I’m extremely nervous about that. Like I’m not sure that I’ll even make the team but I’m determined to try, at least! And by trying, I’m certain most of my energy will go towards keeping a possitive attitude towards it…. If anyone has any tips for volleyball or of the sorts I’d be most grateful *haha*

Welp, There goes my exact feelings about going to private school this year! 

How do you school? What’s your favorite subject? Do you play sports? If so which ones? If not, what do you do instead?

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  1. I’m sure you will do great! I really don’t appreciate when peers are disrespectful and just don’t care. It’s so annoying especially when I’m focused and trying to learn.

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