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Hey guys!

Today I’m doing a collab with the lovely Rohini Kudva from RoRokDesigns!

I recently started a bullet journal– it’s very convenient to start at the end of the year, ’cause that’s 100% what I have just done…– and so far I’m loving it! The creativity is right up my ally and you can only imagine how giddy I am about this whole thing! Give me a few months and you may get a different response… anyway, I found this really awesome lady on Instagram who’s account I’m loving (it’s goals, seriously) and I wanted to introduce you all to her as well as re-share some of her images (which means none of these are mine, they’re hers!)

Her Instagram is @mashaplans

Some of my current favorites from her:

I find her doodles very inspirational (and aesthetic), not to mention down right cute! I’m also a huge fan of her posts like this:

I love how she illustrates a step by step how to drawing these doodles.

Originally, I found her on Pinterest as I was scrolling through bullet journal doodle ideas (that was legit my search), rounding up photos and topics– for the blog post I was going to write in this one’s place– when I realized that most of the pins I saved were hers from her Instagram and I decided “lemme check that out” and BOOM I found my favorite Instagrammer of the season (also added to my Instagrammer hall of fame).

I 100% recommend you check out her Instagram here. Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure you go check out Rohini’s post which is also on bullet journaling! (Don’t wanna miss it *wink*).

Do you bullet journal? What instagrammer(s) are you loving right now?

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