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Hey guys!

I recently got a new phone *finally an iPhoner* (that’s now a word) and along with getting a new device always comes scrambling to install all your ‘needed’ apps which is a big deal especially for bloggers or influencers of any kind. I didn’t think about putting together a list of apps I needed once I switched phones, partially because getting a new phone was in some ways unexpected (an awesome “unexpected”), and the major part is that I usually don’t think of being organized until I look back and see how much trouble I could have spared myself if I had been… #lazygirlproblems

Anyway, that fiasco got me thinking about what apps are actually helpful for blogging and which ones were merely experiments or extras, so here’s my list of curated apps that are actually beneficial to you. I have listed these by platform but a lot of them can be used across the board too, such as editing apps and so forth.


  • MailChimp: Monthly newsletters
  • WordPress (Weebly, Wix, or Blogger): Manage your website
  • Notes and Google docs: Write out your post ideas and save passwords
  • Social Apps: to share your posts and boost engagement


    : This is an app I’ve recently incorporated into my blogsphere but it’s extremely helpful because it proofreads while you write!


  • YouTube studio: manage videos and access stats
  • iMovie (WonderVideo for Android): Edit your videos. I used WonderVideo when I had an Android device and its does really good too.
  • YouTube: View your videos
  • Legend: add text to your videos


    • The app: *haha*
    • Polarr: one of my favorite *free* photo editing apps
    • UNUM: Plan your instagram posts


    • The app
    • Tailwind: Schedule posts
    • Canva: Create graphics
  • In no way am I saying you have to have these apps to be successful, but they definitely make life easier!
  • Since discovering these apps I’ve seen a huge difference in creating and publishing posts as well as sharing them to my various social media profiles!
  • Is there an app that you use that I didn’t mention? If so name it in the comments and I’ll add it to a new list of useful apps!
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