Is It Really What You Know?

Hey guys!
It’s October! And besides the fact that fall has come, birthdays and anniversaries- many people are looking forward to the fun, scariness and candy of Halloween, right?
But what if Halloween was never meant to be fun. What if candy is a lure for something bigger? What if the “scary” aspect is scarier than you know. What if dressing up isn’t really harmless? What if…
I have never once participated in Halloween, because I’m a Christian. But my parents decided that instead of just telling us “we don’t celebrate it” they would sit us down and tell us why. They told us the realities behind Halloween so that someday we we’re old enough to make our own choices we won’t decide to participate just to rebel. They told us so that we’ll have full understanding of what we’re doing/allowing. 
Even if you’re not a Christian, I urge you to hear me out. It might just save your life or someone else’s. 
Halloween is not about candy. When it first came about it didn’t involve candy. It was a holiday for real witches and wizards to sacrifice other humans. They would go from door to door looking for virgins and children. If you gave them what they wanted you’d get a supposed “treat”, protection from harm or death. If you didn’t give them what they wanted you’d get a “trick”, they’d send harm or death your way. 
Maybe you say “well it’s not like that now.” That’s not true. Did you know, 10% of all kids that go trick-or-treating don’t return home? What if your child or someone you loved didn’t come home after trick-or-treating. Was the candy worth it? For the sake of candy we throw caution to the wind thinking “one in a million” but really, it’s 100,000 in a million… Does that seem small to you?
Let’s talk about simple things for a moment. We’re told, “don’t talk to, take candy from, go with or into a strangers house.” But on Halloween night, what does everyone do? Talk to, take candy from, go with and into strangers houses. Usually alone. And, guys, contrary to popular belief, though going with an older sibling or in groups, maybe cuts 10% to 5%, but that’s still 50,000 people! It doesn’t change much. We’re still losing lives.
Think for a moment, if you go trick-or-treating with your younger sibling and someone wants to harm you, do you think you could stop them? Could you account for every possible way they could try? Likely not, just for the fact you can’t even think of every possible way…
This is serious, I care about you, so I’m asking, count up the cost. Also, I hope you’ll see when I make the adamant statement Christians should not celebrate Halloween. You’ll see I’m not judging, I’m being a realist. Birthday parties have cake and ice cream, but it is not the point of a Birthday party. You are there to celebrate the life of a person. Halloween has candy, but the point of  celebration is the celebrate death and evilness. Christians are about celebrating life!
Guys, I care about you. And if you don’t believe me, one of my heart’s desires is to have close friends. I love you guys, so I’m risking you not sharing my conviction, and losing you as a friend, to ask you to count up the cost. It’s not as fun as it looks and there are PLENTY of ways to have fun eating candy without you putting your life at risk…

What are your thoughts? 

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  1. I knew that in the beginning Halloween was about evil and death. I find things like that really interesting. I love learning about scary, evil, creepy things. I never really thought about getting kidnapped for not returning home after trick or treating though. I’ve gone trick or treating 18 years and nothing has ever happened. I live in a very small town though, so you know everybody. In big cities is when you should be more cautious going into strangers homes. You have a really good point in telling people they shouldn’t go trick or treating. We have pretty much turned it into a day for getting free candy. This year I’ll still be taking some little kids out but you’ve given everybody something to think about and to be more careful if they choose to go 💙

  2. Wow, this was super interesting, Buttercup! I honestly never knew trick-or-treating was so dangerous. O.o However, as a Christian, we also don’t celebrate Halloween – not as much because of the danger but because of the meaning behind it. I mean, seriously, why do people set aside a day to celebrate evil and intentionally scare each other? I know that most people don’t think of it that way, but they still put out ghosts and ghouls and skeletons and creepy decorations and other stuff that seems fun but is really just *not good* at its root. So yeah. Good for you for posting this, dear. 🙂

    1. I remember being about 10 when I learned this (I was told way more than the snippet I shared) and I wondered why this is a considered “harmless”, moreover Christians thought it okay to celebrate it… that’s refreshing to know! You won’t believe how many Christian friends I’ve lost because of different beliefs where Halloween is concerned… I know right?? My same question… thank you!! ❤

  3. I don’t participate in Halloween either. I used to want to because all of the neighbor kids did it and I thought it would be fun to go. My parents told us the things about the bad meaning behind all of it and that’s when I started realizing that it was best not to go. Anyway our neighborhood already went trick or treating and my family went to a wedding instead! Great post!

  4. Wow, I had no idea that 10% of kids don’t return home on Halloween. That’s really scary…
    I grew up doing Halloween and trick or treating, but my mom no longer “approves” I guess you could say of Halloween so my younger siblings don’t do it. I will say that getting to trick or treat every year was a lot of fun, but like my mom, I don’t like or think that we should celebrate it. It honestly confuses me by just how many Christians celebrate it because it is literally a day to celebrate the dead and everything tied to Halloween just seems so wicked and evil. As Christians we are called to be set apart / different from the world and yet so many Christians celebrate Halloween which is obviously a wicked and evil holiday.

    1. Isn’t it? Same here, it’s openly a holiday celebrating evil, so why nonchalantly celebrate it? Getting candy can’t be so serious that you’re willing to put yourself and/or your kids at risk, you know? However I respect and understand the lot of those who come into the knowledge of truth and stop celebrating Halloween. I agree 100% with what you said! Thank you so much for having a read and commenting! 😊❤

  5. Loved reading this blog post, so glad to see you share such an important message like this….. I don’t celebrate Halloween either, because of my Christian belief, my husband’s birthday is October 31, so we usually always invite our friends over and celebrate a birthday instead. 🤗

  6. Very good!! This was a great post! You did a very good job of telling your opinion in a good way without saying it to offend anyone, and it was obvious you really care. The thing is, that I think most of the people that do Halloween don’t even realize the history behind it…and the awful things that are still happening today. This was a good post. Great job, Buttercup. Btw, we don’t do halloween, so I couldn’t agree more with this post.

  7. Wow, this was shocking. And it’s also really scary. When I was younger, I wanted to celebrate it, but now I don’t. Here in Asia, I don’t think we celebrate Halloween (and anyway, I’m a Christian) so if you go Trick or Treating, people will probably be surprised.

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