Inexpensive, Super Cute, Graphics I'm Loving Right Now!

Hey guys!
A few weeks ago, I was surfing through Pinterest looking for some inexpensive graphics and wordpress templates and such, when I ran across someone who mentioned Creative Market. 
So, being me and loving anything that says “creative” and of course, I was already in love with the WordPress theme I saw, I clicked over to check them out! 
One of the things that I love about them is even though, everything on their site isn’t inexpensive, what is inexpensive is quality and super cute (or, clean and masculine, for the guys)
So, let’s jump in?
Credits for these pictures belong to the respective creators of the fonts, graphics, and templates.


I recently got a 50 paper textures. They were so cute, and here are some more of the ones I like!

Rose Gold and Champagne Textures

These are only half of the textures, in an effort to keep this post from taking forever to load, but definitely check it out! 
I’m just going to warn you in advance, I’m a rose gold enthusiast so all the proceeding graphics will be rose gold. *hehe*

Rose Gold Textures

Rose Gold foil makes the best for adding to fonts! Because it’s so rich and lively, I think it goes best in small amounts or, behind fonts.

72 Textures

These, again, are not all but the ones I chose to highlight! 
Can you believe this is less than $10??


These are just a few of the fonts on my unofficial wishlist!
These are a wide variety ranging between sans-serif, hand written, and script.


So, first of all, who can go wrong with the name of this font? I like it’s name just as much as the font itself! It’s so unique and original. 
On top of that, I like the watercolor mixed chunky effect it seems to have!

Sweet & Silly

The little desserts were too cute to pass up! I probably, personally (because of my niche), wouldn’t use it for anything commercial but it’s definitely a personal use font!
However, if you specialize in cute or kiddy things then, lo, and behold your font! 

Love at first bite

‘Cause why not? 
I mean, every time I eat pizza I fall in love with it all over again. 
And ice cream for that matter….
Yeah, and doughnuts, like that one pictured.
Anyway, this is on my personal use wishlist!

East Village Co.

This is a simpler font. But the boldness and hand written like feel make it perfect to pair with super curvy fonts, in my opinion!
It also make a really good header text for if you want to change things up a little…


It’s so cute!
This pairs really well with simple sans-serif fonts, like open sans and Montserrat.
It also looks good alone!


This, is a very good font for wedding invitations.
Fear not if you’re like me and no where near getting married because this font also looks good on formal invitations!

Daniel Walker

This font is so lose and curvy! 
It looks good alone, or you can pair it with something like the periwinkle font, or whatever you choose!


Last but not least, we have this interestingly named font!
It falls in the hand written category and if i must say, makes really good for a blog header… would you agree? 
I think the biggest reason why I like it is because it looks like my version of cursive (when my writing turns out neat, anyway…)



I just simply love this theme! It looks so clean and bright! 
And minimal…
Before we wrap this up, a friend told me about Creative Fabrica. They’re similar to Creative market, but the reason I bring them up is because they’re doing a 300 days of fonts right now, so definitely check that out too and see if you find anything you like!

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  1. I love Creative Market! If you sign up, then you can get 6 free things every week. 😉 And if you bought something (or spent like, $15+) then you get 3 more free things! That’s how I’ve been collecting my fonts. The wreath on my button was gotten that way. 😉 It’s also where I found my new blog theme!
    So basically I’m singing their praises. But they deserve it! 😂

    1. Yes! Creative Market has 6 of them every week you can find “free goods” at the bottom of their menu, and Creative Fabrica has 300 days of free fonts on their menu and freebies on it as well!

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