How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Hi, guys!
I still remember ringing in 2017, but now, Christmas has just passed, gifts have been exchanged, carols have come to an end…. I really cannot believe 2018 is literally 2 days away… It’s so surreal!!
But as we all know, to truly wrap up the holiday season, along with welcoming the new year, we’ll set goals.
Therefore, I decided to talk about setting goals and how to keep them, (as I know I’m not the only one who has a hard time…).
Resolutions are fun to make. Whether we set goals for our future or our present day to day, we all usually face the same problem sooner or later: commitment.

How to stay commited:

A lot of times we fall short because we a) don’t really plan our goals and b) we’re not reasonable in what we want to achieve.

1. Set a realistic goal

Never am I discouraging you to shoot for the stars, I’m simply saying, you may have to reach your overall goal little by little.
If you set your goals too high, it’ll be impossible to reach and you’ll lose your motivation.
For instance, your goal is to get more organized. Don’t expect to “be organized” right away. Start little by little. Get a planner, practice using it and work your way up to being discipline enough to strictly follow what you plan.

2. Except failure

At times you will fail, no matter how you try. It’s one of the bliss things about being imperfect (okay, maybe minus the ‘bliss’).
Don’t expect anything less than your best from yourself, it keeps you motivated and alert, but also, don’t forget to give yourself room for error.
A lot of times, we mess up so we give up or we lose motivation and start to care less over time. Messing up isn’t bad, it’s proof you’re trying! (#phraserepeater)
You, and I will fall short multiple times before we reach our goal, but hang in there and don’t except defeat- acknowledge opportunities to learn.

3. Have a good motivator

Motivation comes from within, therefore, if you have a shallow motivator, you won’t get very far….
Let’s say your goal is to be responsible. If your motivation is to be responsible so your parents will trust you to drive or so you can prove something, you’ll find it hard to stick to your goal.
Whereas, if your motivation is the fact you want to honor your parents, and take stress off of them or you want to be able to trust yourself, you’ll go a lot further. Why? Because every time it gets hard and you look back, you realize you’re doing this for love’s sake. You’re not just doing this for you, you’re doing it for your love of someone else.


That’s right! Take five and have a milkshake!
Did you? Neat, what flavor? I couldn’t resist a vanilla one….
Anyway, back on topic- set a reward for yourself. It’s very hard to try reaching a goal without any *umph* along the way.
If your goal is to (erm…….. *thinking*) be friendlier, then somewhere along the way to your goal of being friendly, take a ‘break’ and don’t leave the house one day. KIDDING.
Seriously though, reward yourself when you’re doing good. But for Pete’s sake, do not go ‘all out’ with rewarding yourself or you may forget why you’re doing what you’re doing….. that’d be sad…. so, in other words, reward yourself moderately for your hard work.

5. Have an accountability partner

Have a trusted other keep you accountable. Explain your goal to them and ask them to help you stay focused (rumor goes, if when asking you say something like “please” they’re 104% more likey to say yez with a smile…).
By doing this, you’re ensuring you reach your goal. When you lack motivation, they’ll provide it. When you’re ahead of yourself, they’ll slow you down. When your getting TOO many rewards in the form of Skittles *looks around sheepishly* they’ll eat the extra for you.
All in all, they’ll fulfill their title and
Keep. You. Accountable.
So, this ‘make-a-resolution’ season, maybe try implementing these things into your goal reaching strategy….
But really, if all else fails, there’s always next year…..
Nah…. for real, try to slay those resolutions this (2018) year!
Did you meet your goals for this (2017) year? On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to reach your goals? Probably a 5.5 for me…

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  1. โ€œWhen your getting TOO many rewards in the form of Skittles *looks around sheepishly* theyโ€™ll eat the extra for you.โ€ HAHAHA. Great tips, I will definitely keep it in mind.
    Ljoy x

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