Drawing (Semi) Perfect Eyebrows

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Okay, onward.
Technique: drawing (semi) perfect eyebrows.
You’ll need:

  • A pencil 
  • An eraser
  • And plenty of time

Let’s began, shall we?

    1. Sketch the outline of the eyebrow

    2. If your lines are kinda thick, erase them lightly. Then, start drawing the hairs closer to the bridge of the nose. Like this:

    Always remember, there are a few “stray” hairs. They are closest to the bridge of the nose, so don’t forget them.
    4. Once you’ve done that, continue adding hairs.
    As you go further away from the nose, eventually, the eyebrow width will get smaller. Therefore, make sure not to add to many hairs towards the end.

    5. Fill in a little more if needed.

    Viola! You’re done. Great job!! 
    Did you have fun?
    If you’d like, you can show us your work and add it to the gallery!

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