Dear, Older Me

Hey guys!
I got the idea to write this post after seeing a lot of writings on “Dear Younger Me”. Which is a really cool idea, if I must say, but since I still consider myself to be the “younger me” I decided to write to the Older Me and then when I’m older, I’ll respond to this by writing a “Dear Younger Me.” Sounds cool? (Mukta @ born free had a really neat idea like this; check it out here).
Dear, Older Me
I know not where you are, or what you are facing. I know not the cause of your joy or your tears…. But here’s my prayer for you:
I pray that you find true love, or have already found it. Even more, I pray that you’ll have as many bundles of joy as God sees fit and have no great need unmet…
Whether it be immense wealth or just-enough-to-get-by that surrounds you, may love and peace never leave you… 
May integrity be your motto! I know you’re not perfect, and never will be, so doing what’s right will not always come easy. But remember, God will never give you more than you can handle. He loves you and there’s no sin He won’t forgive if you’d just ask. He’ll direct your path as long as you keep your hand in His.
In hard times, remember the good! The prayers He’s answered, ones you’ve prayed and those of others. 
May you always remember to smile. Not because everything is going right, not because there’s a reason to smile, but because you are a light. Always shine bright- be the reason someone else smiles and a guide to everlasting Love and Hope.
Remember that your faliures and shortcomings are your defeat only if you allow them to be! May you never forget how awesome you are. You have been blessed with talent beyond imagination. 
God has gifted you as an artist, but be careful to never forget to give credit where credit is due. Moreover remember inspite of all, you are beautiful, because of what’s on the inside. Your appearance is icing on the cake (remember when mom and dad used to tell you that?). Most of all,

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