Being A Homeschooler: 5 Stereotypes

Hey Guys!
Okay, so first things first. I’m homeschooled!
Second things second, there are a few homeschooling stereotypes’shall I say, out there and I thought it’d be fun to prove, or, disprove some of them…

1. Homeschoolers don’t have social skills

Um… you can find people that lack social skills anywhere, and being homeschooled has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with it. I was public schooled from Pre-K to Third grade and I’m actually more outgoing and lighthearted now than I was then. As a matter of fact I’m so outgoing (less introverted) and talkative that my family appreciates the fact that I have taken to blogging.

2. Homeschoolers, School, In PJs

Heck, yeah! Trudge to the bathroom, throw some water on your face, brush your teeth half-sleep… you get the point. Yes, we (at least, I do) do school in pajamas… No waiting for pajama day, instead we have ‘bye-bye’ clothes day… Nope, that’s not true before you ponder. It was just a fun thought!

3. Do Homeschoolers take test?

Yes. While in some states- like Texas for example- you are not required to take standeredized test, we do take test. It’s one of the best ways (among others) to track your knowledge, even if they do make you feel a bit stressed.

4. Do Homeschoolers Actually School Everyday?

No! We do something WAY worse… catch-up on chores (mostly overdue ones, but still)! Mom says “No school today guys!” and you start chest bumping, high-fiving and hugging your siblings… then just as you’re in the middle of throwing up confetti and looking for the champagne, celebrating like your birthday came early, she goes on to say “We’re going to clean the house instead!! Glad you guys are in such a good mood, because CLEANING CAN BE FUN!”
That’s when, you look around and realize you haven’t seen the appliances in weeks, and the last time you saw the TV remote (the actual one, not the one you end up having to download) was, apparently the same day you lost it… So yeah- no, we don’t always school. But we ALWAYS work!

5. How Long Is A Homeschoolers school Day?

From whenever you get up, until about three hours later (where ever that lands). But that’s not everyone. Some have set schedules. Like 8 to 1, or, 9 to 2, or, 10 to 3. For my family, the older kids get up at 7:30, get ready for the day, then one of us puts on breakfast. The middle kids get up at 8:30 (or whenever we manage to wake them) and likewise get ready. As for the youngest kids… they get up whenever they get up (probably because it takes so much to get them to sleep, nobody has enough courage to wake them up). Our school day ends when the nappers wake up.

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