Always The Last One Out The Door…

Parents: We’re getting ready to go!
In less then two seconds the house can go from *watching tv and slouching* or *walking around in circles for no apparent reason* or *yes! Little kids down, music up* to *hurry get little people dressed* and *where are the bows, spray, jeans, converse?* but without fail, as we get ready to then race out the door to put kids in the car, I’m not among the first out the door… I’m in my PJs- coming up short on something to wear… (thankfully- on exceptional days, I’m already dressed).
Once that delima is solved, my curls don’t want to co-operate. At. All. (Offhand: I’m sure I consume unhealthy amounts of hair product when I brush my teeth after I do my hair…).
Once that problem is remotely solved (at least), it’s grabbing things like (because, as I mentioned in another post, I have 4+ siblings and all but one are younger than me) diapers, wipes, juice cups, my purse and I almost never walk out the door with shoes on (if I wore makeup, I’d probably add two hours to my time).

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If you’ve identified with any of my problems so far here are a few solutions:

1. To Do or Not To Do (wear shoes)

  • Maybe you already do this, but if you don’t  (like me), leave your shoes by the front door.
  • Or leave your chosen shoes by your room door or by the stairs (out of the way so you don’t trip anyone…).
  • If you like to wear one pair of shoes for a while, then go ahead and put them on after you get dressed  (maybe you already do this but, sadly, I don’t…).

2. What To Wear

(This probably should have been first…)

  • If you have time before bed or something, get a good idea of what you’d like to wear the next day.
  • If all your clothes are in the wash  (like mine to frequently are… so it seems… okay, another excuse *shrug*) then become “The Regulater Of The Laundry,” or if you’d like a cuter name then be “Momma (your name goes here)”.

3. Hair

  • If it takes you a while to do your hair…period (like me), than try to use simple easy styles and ones you know so well you could do them walking out the door if need be. Boxer braids, high-pony, one French or Dutch braid and side-pony (really any kind of simple pony) are great styles. They’re cute and fast, like I like ’em!
  • Use intricate styles when you have more time and it’ll make them even more spectacular, lol.
 (This is the real reason I can’t get out of the door… but that’s a story for a different day)

4. Little Sibling Necessities

  • Try to leave diapers, wipes and sippy cups close by to each other. My mom stores a few diapers and wipes in the living room, so most times they’re easy grabs (if I remember), the kitchen is right around the corner so sippy cups are not to far away, #LifeMadeEasier (again if I remember).
  • If you don’t have an ‘up’ or ‘downstairs’, you just have one story (or something like that) try having baby/toddler necessities close to the door or again the kitchen.

I hope those are helpful, I’m no expert… But maybe today, we’ll both make it out of the house on time! 😉

The featured image is from Pixabay 

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