A Holiday Note From Me

It’s that warm fuzzy time of year, 
Filled with laughter and cheer.
By the fire side is where memories are relived and created. When bonding isn’t mandatory, but designated.
Meals are shared and created with care. Everyone’s got a role to play…
Ornaments twinkle, and reflect the lights abroad. Decorations everywhere, nothing left untied. Ribbons and bows, how many? No one ever knows…
Gifts from one to another tucked in their hiding place, ’til when they’ll be dispersed. Everyone’s got a secret, but no shame. This is just part of the game. 
Oh, that feeling of unspeakable joy, that floods your soul. It’s that feeling that makes everything fade… only good things can stay…
It’s a time of cold, hopeless longings.
The world seems to rest it’s very heaviest, on your shoulders if not your chest.
Memories are relived, and dreams that died long ago. If only family were to be found… you’d know that life somehow abounds…
The same thing you had yesterday, will suffice you today, for you have no choice. What good is it to make, fancy dishes only you consume in a nearly empty room.
The cause for celebration died long ago, it’s grave, somewhere beneath the snow. 
Gifts are meaningless, they can’t give you want you want, for it you were to receive them at all, the world wouldn’t be so lonely. 
Oh, the miserable feeling, that nags at your soul….
But is all hope really lost? 
See, the reason for thanksgiving is to give thanks. For what you have. Even if your mere life is all you find, well that’s plenty enough. The reason for Christmas is to remember our King, who came to erase death’s sting. 
My friend, wherever this holiday season may find you, remember these few things:
You were given the ultimate gift when God sent his only son to earth for your sake, and yet again when Jesus died, so you may know life and the fullness thereof. 
In getting gifts don’t forget whom it’s really about. 
If you feel you have nothing, you certainly have nothing to lose, be the cause of another’s joy, I bet you’ll feel better soon…
In all, never forget, there’s a God in heaven who loves you…
Happy Holidays!

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  1. Wow! I hadn’t seen this yet!!! That was VERY well written and Beautiful! Love your pure, Beautiful heart, girl!!! Keep shining your light for God! I know He’s proud of you!

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