Thus Ends 2017

Hey guys! So, today’s post technically falls in the ‘random’ category as I’ll be discussing random, unrelated topics. The purpose of this post? To catch up on awards and share some other interesting things with you guys. Pretty much, I’m wrapping up 2017 in the world of my blog…. *winks* A Year (Technically 5 months) …

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To You, From Me

(Please read this on my actual site *blush*) Hey, guys! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Only two days ’til Christmas, can you believe it?! I can’t either… But guess what…? (hence, the title) I have something for you! As of not too long ago, I decided I wanted to surprise you guys with a gift, from …

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5 Love Languages

Hey guys! Have you ever heard of the term “love language”?  If not, allow me to explain. A love language, is a specific way you feel most loved. Whether it’s gifts, people spending quality time with you, people doing things for you, hugs or affirmation, everyone has one way over the others that makes them …

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